Welcome to the Coalition for Comprehensive Sex Education

Providing sexual health education programs for the youth of today to promote a healthier tomorrow

The Coalition for Comprehensive Sex Education (CCSE) is a local association of community leaders, teachers, nurses, health educators, counselors, parents, and students that advocates for the implementation of effective sex education in Champaign County schools.

Champaign County schools do not currently have a consistent policy regarding sex ed. Each student gets different information depending upon which school and which teacher they have. Each teacher makes his or her own decision about what to teach and what not to teach. While some teachers teach a full and balanced curriculum, others avoid subjects like contraception or sexually transmitted diseases. Studies have shown that children will definitely get inaccurate information about sex – whether from their peers, the internet, pornography, or the media. But if we expect kids and teens to act safely and responsibly, it is essential that every student gets the accurate information that comes from comprehensive sex education.

This coalition began in 2004 to protect Champaign County youth from unwanted pregnancy and disease through sex education. It is our hope that all Champaign County schools will adopt a comprehensive sex education curriculum.