Meeting Minutes

August 28, 2017

Coalition for Comprehensive Sex Education Meeting
Monday, August 28, 2017 from 3:30-4:06
Meeting Minutes
Whitney Greger- C-UPHD
Jennifer Jackson- C-UPHD
Talia Shaw- C-UPHD
Amanda Miesner- C-UPHD
Mr. Roedeffer- Edison Middle School health teacher
Chris Bruns- Pavilion
I. Welcome and Introductions
II. Agency/School Updates
a. C-UPHD:
i. Two new Wellness & Health Promotion interns this semester: Amanda Miesner and Maria Climaco
ii. A drive-thru flu clinic for first responders will be held in the CUPHD parking lot on Sep. 11 from 8 am to 8 pm
iii. There is a food pantry every Thursday in the CUPHD lobby, which does not require ID to access
iv. Grab and go food is available in the lobby every day
v. Free clothing for children is available on Tuesdays via His Kids Closet
b. Edison Middle School now has a girls’ softball team
c. RACES is offering a sexual violence prevention program. Contact Jaya Kolisetty for more information at
d. Kristi Bandy from Uni High is looking for a school counselor (will also teach health classes). The applicant should have a master’s degree, but it does not have to be in social work.
III. State/Federal Updates
a. TPP funding is gone
b. Funding from OAH will be gone in June 2018
c. Funding for PREP is still available
IV. Positive Youth Development
a. Will be done in partnership with U of I’s Extension program
b. Will take place at Eater after school under the name “4H Rocks”

a. Currently being taught to 7th and 8th graders at Eater Middle School, 8th grade at Edison Middle School, 8th grade at Franklin Middle School, 8th grade at Jefferson Middle School, and 9th grade at Uni High
b. The 6th grade curriculum is not being offered at Eater this school year; Jennifer is working with administration and teachers to implement puberty/basic sexual health lessons to 6th grade.
VI. Next meeting date and time: TBA

May 9, 2017

Coalition for Comprehensive Sex Education Quarter 4 Meeting Minutes
• Welcome/Introductions
 Chris Bruns (Pavilion), Kami Lafoon (C-UPHD intern), Chelsea Ziegler (Ludlow Grade School), Deb Fruitt (C-UPHD), Carolyn Hall (C-UPHD intern), Jaya Kolisetty (RACES), Whitney Greger (C-UPHD), Talia Shaw (C-UPHD), Jennifer Jackson (C-UPHD)

• Agency/School updates
 Chris (Pavilion):
o The Pavilion opened up a pediatric inpatient unit which is separate from other youth. The ages of the children are between 3.5 – 10 years old, depending on the maturity of the child. There will also be separate housing for young adults (18-25 years) and older adults (age 26 on up). Total inpatient capacity at The Pavilion is 106.
 Jaya (RACES):
o RACES is back to having full services which include crisis services, counseling, and court advocacy. If anyone would like to receive education regarding sexual violence, please contact Jaya at

• State/Federal Updates
o Nothing to report.

• Positive Youth Development
o Nothing to report.

 Finishing up quarter 4 in the schools.
 Jen (C-UPHD):
o Finished J.W. Eater DTL/RTL for 6th and 7th grades.
o Will complete J.W. Eater MPC for 8th grade on 5/16/17.
o Will complete Edison MPC for 8th grade on 5/18/17.
o Will be changing J.W. Eater to 7th and 8th grades for FY18.

 Whitney (C-UPHD):
o Finished MPC for 8th grade at Jefferson.
o Finished MPC for 8th grade at Franklin.

 Talia (C-UPHD):
o Will complete Uni High MPC on 5/16/17.
o Finished MPC for 7th and 8th grades at Westville.

 Whitney (C-UPHD):
o Finished MPC at Lincoln’s Challenge.

• Condoms in schools update
 Kelly (C-UPHD intern):
o Able to survey 101 students in Champaign County about accessing condoms in schools. 86 of those students were from Unit 4 schools.
o She distributed condoms to students at Unit 4 high schools in the month of April via the CUPHD mobile unit.
o The results will be attached in graph form along with these minutes.

• Next meeting date and time: TBA

March 6, 2017

Coalition for Comprehensive Sex Education Quarter 3 Meeting Minutes
• Welcome/Introductions
 Chris Bruns (Pavilion), Natalie Berman (C-UPHD intern), Kristi Bandy (Uni High School), Chelsea Ziegler (Ludlow Grade School), Ginger Boas (U of I Extension), Deb Fruitt (C-UPHD), Carolyn Hall (C-UPHD intern), Kelly Flanigan (C-UPHD intern), Whitney Greger (C-UPHD), Talia Shaw (C-UPHD), Jennifer Jackson (C-UPHD)

• Agency/School updates
 Ginger (U of I Extension):
o Commercial kitchen almost ready to go, still need shelving units
o The kitchen is right next door to Child Advocacy Center
o Grants
 Nutritional and educational programs
 3 people working on it
 After school educational program
 Hired an educator to work on policy (ex: healthy lunches)
 Family resiliency positive youth development, and pregnancy prevention are all things they are working on as well
 6 people working on it
 Kristi (Uni High School):
o There will be Junior and Senior health seminars held in the spring.
o April 28 is the sex education seminar and Talia will contact Alice in Infectious Disease department to attend.
 Deb (C-UPHD):
o There will be a summer food program and garden at C-UPHD again this year
 Chris (Pavilion):
o The Pavilion is separating out it’s pediatric and adult programs (separate floors).

• State/Federal Updates
 Deb (C-UPHD):
o TPP grant will not be funded for FY18, but scheduled to be funded FY19.
o PREP will continue in FY18.
 Ginger (U of I Extension):
o States owes money (1.2 mil)
o Federal grant paying for commercial kitchen

• Positive Youth Development
 Whitney (C-UPHD):
o Jamie is creating a leadership squad at Eater
o Focus on team building, communication, leadership styles
o Starts next Tuesday (3/7)
o Fulfilled PYD requirement for TPP
 Ginger (U of I Extension):
o 5 out of 12 unit 4 district schools have after school programs
o Wants to create health ambassadors

 One more quarter to go before finishing this fiscal year
 Jen (C-UPHD):
o Finished quarter 3 at Eater
o DTLRTL for 6th and 7th
o MPC for 8th
 Talia (C-UPHD):
o Finished quarter 3 at Edison and Franklin
 Whitney (C-UPHD):
o Finished quarter 3 at Jefferson
 Still waiting on Westville to schedule PREP for quarter 4
 More students in quarter 3 than any other fiscal year!

 Jen (C-UPHD):
o Finished quarter 3 at Ludlow in 9 one hour sessions
 Talia (C-UPHD):
o Scheduled Uni (35 students)
o Still has to schedule Westville (230 students)
 Whitney (C-UPHD):
o Will facilitate Lincolns Challenge starting March 24

• Infographics
 Created by Talia and Natalie (WHP Intern)
 Created to show effectiveness/improvement of PREP programs across 3 fiscal years
 Infographics were provided to counties in the entire state that have PREP programs
 Teen pregnancy numbers are going down in the county, but we are unable to definitively say that is a result of PREP program
 In general the PREP program and educators have received feedback saying we exceeded expectations/excellent

• Condoms in schools
 Kelly (C-UPHD intern):
o A lot of kids asking where they can get condoms
o Had a mobile unit that provided them but that is no longer available
o Wants to create access points in schools (such as health teacher, nurse, social worker) where packets are available with condoms and information that students can discreetly pick up
o Christie (Uni teacher) fears backlash from either administration or parents regarding giving condoms to students
o Kelly has created a survey to gauge student interest in the program
o Might work with Jen to create a survey for parents to gauge their interest.

November 28, 2016

AddMonday, November 28, 2016
Start: 3:36pm
End: 4:15pm
I. Welcome and Introductions
1. Jennifer Jackson, Talia Shaw, Whitney Greger, Jerad Ellison (Westville), Jamie Boas (U of I Extension), Chelsea Zigler (Ludlow), Kristi Bandy(Uni), Chris Bruns (Pavilion), Deb Fruitt,

II. Agency/School Updates
• His kids closet here on Tuesdays
• Food pantry throughout the week but always on Thursdays
• Still looking for teens for compliance checks – a lot of students interested from Jamie’s group
2. Extension
• Waiting for grant money
3. Ludlow
• Rewarding students who eat all their fruits and vegetables
4. Westville
• Stephanie Ellison no longer working at Westville
• Send compliance check information to Jerad and he will distribute to vice principal
5. Uni
• Just covered relationships and will start with MPC Wednesday
6. Pavilion
• Nothing much has changed
• Student population has grown

III. State/Federal Updates
• Sex ed grants are in
• Tobacco grants are still on hold (except for compliance checks)
• PREP FY 18 will stay the same, TPP may change

IV. Positive Youth Development
1. Rantoul
• 4-H Food Challenge
1. 10 consistent students
2. Working on starting a 4-H club at Eater (8th graders would return when in high school to do programs with the younger students)
3. Wrapping up Westville 4-H food challenge with 15 consistent students
4. Ask Jamie about PYD in the spring
2. Lincoln’s Challenge
• 170 students, 84 for PYD
• Each team had 3 hours total of material

• All 3 Champaign middle schools and at Rantoul in Eater
• Ludlow will be quarter 3
• Uni starting the week of 11/28/16

VI. Identify three goals for community services available to youth in Champaign County/develop strategic plan to meet goals
1. STD Clinic Video
2. Rosecrance is having a program specifically for youth
3. Courage Connection or RACES for youth targeted programs about dating violence?
4. Employment opportunities? – “Skills to Pay the Bills”
5. Regional Planning for Champaign County; Community Action
6. TAG sub-committee – potential at Uni?
Strategic Plan:
VII. Next meeting date and time: TBA

September 29, 2016

In Attendance: Whitney Greger, Deb Fruitt, Jennifer Jackson, Talia Oakley, Chelsea Ziegler, Kristi Brandy, Jamie Boas, Steve Chorba, Lexi Palacios .

3:40 Meeting Begins
Agency and School Updates:
• The agency is keeping busy
• They are now handing out free food daily to anyone who needs it. You do not need to qualify for anything; anyone can take what they need.
• Free food comes from food bank. We have received 60,000 pounds of food in the last 6 months.
• All of their services are continuing (list of services on CUPHD website)
• His Kids Closet passes out free clothes every Tuesday
• Links to the Facebook pages:
o Health and Wellness:
o WIC:
o Mosquito Abatement:
• Right now, we are in Eater, Jefferson, Edison, and Franklin for MPC
• Grants are submitted and we are waiting for payment
• Tobacco Compliance Checks are beginning soon. If you know of any 16/17 year olds who would like to help, it pays $17 an hour. You have to be a non-smoker. There are 9 evenings of compliance checks and 3 rounds. Contact Talia Oakley for more information.
o We also need drivers 21+, non-smokers. Pays $22 an hour.
Jamie Boas Updates:
• The new 4H year has begun
• They have new clubs starting up
o Archery, air rifle, and state shoot clubs
o There is more information on this on their website
o Age 5-18
• Program with health called 4H Health Rocks
o Age 8-14 healthy living program
o Teen teachers
o Focuses on decreasing smoking/tobacco use, drugs/alcohol, engaging in the community, and building positive relationships
Kristi Brandy’s Updates:
• New health teacher for Uni
• This unit they are finishing up psychology and moving onto nutrition
• Did a CPR training, but needs suggestions for CPR facilitators in the future
• Has a psychology degree with social work, would like some tips/curriculum for teaching health
Steve Chorba’s Updates:
• New health teacher for Jefferson
• Teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade
• Right now they have an all-girls quarter
• Has the power to design his own curriculum
• Focuses on the mind and attitude
• Wants to do a lesson on procrastination
• Loves MPC
Chelsea Ziegler’s Updates:
• PE/Health teacher
• Teaches health 1X/week Kindergarten – 8th grade
• Has Prairie Center’s Too Good for Drugs program right now
• The younger kids get a basic health/nutrition lesson
• Wednesday is full day of health
• 7th/8th graders are 11:00 – 11:40
State and Federal Updates:
• Applied for all grants and are waiting on execution
• Same curriculum and same objectives as before
• Next year it may be a bit different  more comprehensive
• Unplanned pregnancy stats are way down
Positive Youth Development:
• 4H Challenge
• Similar to chopped
• New requirements with different topics
o Leadership, consumer economics, savings, and family mealtime
• Each week will have a different challenge
• Striving to have 10 kids
• PREP Grant
• Last year, this program was offered at every school
• This year, doing a new trial run at Eater to see how kids respond
• PREP curriculum is MPC
• Eater is Draw the Line Respect the Line for 6th and 7th graders
• Positive Youth Development has some components of MPC
• Focuses on decision making

• We need more input from youth
• Preferably 8th graders
• If any students are interested in coming to meetings and being on the coalition, let us know!
• We also want to establish a teen group to make/update planners
• More information:
4:38 meeting adjourns

June 7th, 2016

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Bobby Swiontek – Jefferson Middle School

  • Kerry Rodeffer – Edison Middle School

  • Jared Ellison – Westville Jr High School

  • Whitney Greger – C-U Public Health District

  • Jennifer Jackson – C-U Public Health District

  • Talia Oakley – C-U Public Health District

  • Deb Fruitt – C-U Public Health District


  • Agency/School Updates

  • C-U Public Health District has the Summer Food Program going on. Any child ages 1-18 can come in for free breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is 9a-11a and lunch is 12:30p-2:30p. No requirements.

  • Jefferson Middle School is trying to raise funds to build an outdoor basketball court.

  • The three Champaign middle schools report splitting boys and girls for health class.


  • State/Federal Updates

  • C-UPHD submitting applications again this year for PREP and TPP grants, which fund the teen pregnancy and STD prevention programs.


  • Positive Youth Development/4H Food Challenge

  • Three schools (JW Eater, Ludlow, Westville) completed the U of I Extension’s 4H program The Food Challenge this year. Students participated in this after-school program similar to the TV series Chopped, where they learned about nutrition, food preparation, and created dishes using a “secret ingredient”.

  • Participating students must also be a part of the sex education program at the school. There is no fee. If your school is interested in this program, C-UPHD can connect you to UI Extension.


  • PREP (Personal Responsibility Education Program) grant

  • Under this grant in FY16, C-UPHD facilitated comprehensive sex education programs at JW Eater Jr High School, READY School, Thompson Learning Academy, and Franklin Middle School. In FY17, we look forward to adding Jefferson Middle School and Edison Middle School to that list.


  • TPP (Teen Pregnancy Prevention) grant

  • Under this grant in FY16, C-UPHD facilitated comprehensive sex education programs at Ludlow School, Thomasboro School, and Westville Jr High School. Also, Jefferson Middle School received a condensed version of the curriculum. We are communicating with University High School and Lincoln’s Challenge for the upcoming year.


  • Documentary Screening – “Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic”

  • In May, C-UPHD hosted a free screening and panel discussion of this documentary which discusses the Human Papillomavirus and its effects on 5 women and their families. There were over 100 people in attendance. We hope to screen a different documentary again next year.


  • Teen Resource Planner

  • FY16 Teen Resource Planners were distributed.

  • New versions for FY17 are being created for both Champaign and Vermilion County students. The planner, along with a calendar, has a wide variety of information and resources useful for teens. FY17 planners will be distributed to participating schools.


  • 2015-2016 Wrap-Up

  • Westville reported that they received great feedback for their first year in the program, and heard no concerns from parents.

  • C-UPHD reported possible changes to the TPP grant in FY18 which would expand the focus beyond just sexual health.

  • Jefferson shared that their students seemed to have good participation and engagement in the program. For next year, they would like to incorporate a pre and post-test. Edison agreed.


  • 2016-2017 Looking Ahead

  • Westville will have a new PE teacher and social worker next year.

  • School satisfaction surveys were distributed to schools in attendance.



FY17 Quarter 1 meeting TBD


March 10th, 2016

  • Welcome and Introductions

    • Talia, Whitney, Deb, Camilla, Katie (C-UPHD)

    • Nicole M. (Westville School Social Worker)

  • Agency/School Updates

    • C-UPHD

      • No longer has mobile services, possibly selling the buses

      • We have a nurse practitioner at the community center in Rantoul 1x/week for family planning

    • Westville

      • 10 current or former Westville students are pregnant

      • Jr. High principal is supportive of MPC

      • Criticism about sex ed that kids get in 5th/6th gradeà they get the basics but don’t go in depth

      • Mental health resources are limited in Vermilion County

  • State/Federal Updates

    • C-UPHD is doing well, TPP is federally funded; some other programs are hurting

    • Still support from Fed for pregnancy prevention

  • Positive Youth Development

    • Supplemental after school program for kids who are participating in sex ed at their school; teaching life skills

    • U of I Extensionà 4-H Food Challenge

      • Chopped style competition; kids learn about food safety, cooking techniques, nutrition, etc.

      • Become 4-H members as well

    • Westville will check with their principal to see if they would like to participate

  • PREP

    • More strict demographic guidelines

    • READY, Thompson Learning Academy, Eater, and Franklin

      • In talks with Jefferson Middle School for 4th Quarter (may be under TPP)

  • TPP

    • New grant this year

    • Thomasboro, Ludlow & Westville

    • If we get this grant next year we would like to continue expanding in Vermilion County

  • Documentary Screening

    • Documentary about HPV “Someone You Love”

    • Last year we showed “Let’s Talk about Sex” and had a panel discussion; looking to have the same format this year

    • TBA for date

    • Statewide (maybe CDC) push for talking about the HPV vaccine for girls and boys

  • Teen Resource Planner

    • Need info on STD testing referrals and other resources for Vermilion County

  • Other

    • Westville classroom dynamics

      • No huge disciplinary issues

      • Kids respect the PE/Health teacher

      • There has been a lot of bullying interventions (especially with cyber bullying and girls)

      • Mr. Skinner is the PE/Health Teacher; Ms. Burton is his TA

      • Nicole will try to attend MPC as much as possible

      • Discussed whether or not the diversity of the videos in MPC curriculum would be a problem for facilitation

    • Westville Parent Teacher Conferences

      • Nicole will be at a table with info about the upcoming sex ed classes

      • March 16th and 17th from 3:30/4-7

Q4 meeting date and time TBA



December 14th, 2015

  1. Welcome & Introductions

    1. Whitney Greger-C-UPHD

    2. Talia Oakley-C-UPHD

    3. Jaya Kolisetty-C-U RACES

    4. Marcy Nicoson-Rantoul Schools/Thompson Learning Academy

    5. Chris Bruns-The Pavilion

  2. Agency/School Updates

    1. C-UPHD

      1. New Health Educatorà Whitney Greger

        1. Full health education staff with 2 people

      2. Sent banner to San Bernardino County Department of Public Health

    2. Rantoul Thompson Learning Academy

      1. Part-time social worker

      2. 2 programs: special education program downstairs and alternative middle school upstairs

    3. RACES

      1. Still open, some federal funding coming in

      2. Lots of fundraising - Boo Bash went well, had a donor match up to $2,000

    4. Pavilion

      1. MCOs provide access to adults that have never been provided access before; they now have coordinated care

      2. 30 beds in adult psychiatric unit

      3. Gearing up for the holidays

  3. State/Federal Updates

    1. Some money has been released from State, including some domestic violence money

    2. Federal

      1. Funding for Erin’s Law

        1. Prevention education for sexual assault for kids ages Pre-k to 5th grade

        2. Unfunded mandate in IL (there is no financial penalty for not doing it)

        3. RACES helps Champaign Unit 4 meet requirements for Erin’s Law

          1. 3 sessions/year

  4. Positive Youth Development

    1. Required with PREP grant; after-school supplementary program to extend relationship with students

    2. Partnering with U of I Extension to do “Food Challenge”

      1. Currently implementing at JW Eater

      2. Food preparation and food safety, similar to the TV show “Chopped”

      3. 12 students

  5. PREP

    1. Continuation of grant

    2. Completed 2 quarters of education at Franklin & Eater; completed one session at READY

  6. TPP

    1. Fewer demographic restrictions

    2. Contacting multiple schools in Champaign and Vermilion Counties

      1. Ludlow, Thomasboro, Heritage, Westville, Bismarck, Oakwood

      2. Vermilion has 4th highest teen pregnancy rate in state; no agencies providing similar sex education services

    3. Start date for Thompson Learning Academy

      1. Exchanged information with Marcy to set up

    4. Ludlow

      1. Starting Jan 6th

      2. 1 hour/week for 8 weeks

      3. Working with Tanya

  7. Next meeting date and time TBA – around March


September 23, 2013

Meeting minutes for CCSE - September 2013


  • Corbin Dixon, Planned Parenthood of Illinois
  • Brandon Roberts, Ludlow School
  • Jake Elliott, J W Eater Junior High School
  • Mike Penicook, J W Eater Junior High School
  • Teresa Turner, Urbana School Health Center and Parent


  • Deb Fruitt, C-UPHD
  • Talia Oakley, C-UPHD
  • Nikki Hillier, C-UPHD
  • Jennifer Jackson, C-UPHD

Agency/School Updates:

  • Nikki Hillier reported that Whitney Hayes will be working on the PREP grant part-time and will assist in coalition recruitment as well as Advocacy Day in the spring.
  • Jennifer Jackson reported that the CUPHD Family Planning clinic is up and running.

State/Federal Updates:

  • Corbin Dixon reported that the Sex Ed bill passed and he is meeting with principals and superintendents to educate them about the bill. There will be a Marriage Equality Rally Day on 10/22.
  • Teresa Turner reported that the Urbana School Health Center is under IDPH and no longer under DHS.

Curriculum Changes:

  • Jennifer Jackson reported that she is using a new curriculum this year titled “Making Proud Choices!”
  • Jake Elliott reported that he feels the Making Proud Choices! curriculum is more relatable than Draw the Line/Respect the Line.

Resource Guide:

  • Nikki Hillier reported that she has students who are making some improvements and updating the guide this year.

Coalition recruitment:

  • The coalition discussed who to possibly recruit to attend meetings. Crystal Richards and/or Michelle Tater are Health Teachers at Rantoul High School and may be a good fit to sit on the coalition. Also, Whitney Hayes will assist in recruitment of some students and parents.

Mission Statement:

  • Mike Penicook came up with two mission statements: -To provide Health and Sex Education programs for the youth of today to ensure a healthier tomorrow.
  • Providing Health and Sex education programs for the youth of today to promote a healthier tomorrow.

We will discuss these and make any necessary changes at the next meeting. -The coalition members voted to change the coalition name to Coalition for Comprehensive Sex Education.

Next meeting date: Monday, November 18 at 3:30 pm at J W Eater Junior High School in the media center

October 14th, 2015


Jennifer Jackson – CUPHD; Talia Oakley – CUPHD; Deb Fruitt – CUPHD; Chris Bruns – Pavilion; Ginger Boas – UI Extension; Jaya Kolisetty – RACES

Agency/School Updates

CUPHD has a few staff changes. Jennifer Jackson is now Program Coordinator, Talia Oakley received promotion to Health Educator II, and the Health Educator I position is in the process of being filled.

RACES will be hosting a fundraiser/awareness event called Boo Bash on October 30 at 8 pm at Guidos. There will be a costume contest as well as a raffle for an iPad Air. There is an optional $5 donation.

UI extension is hiring for both their SNAP Ed and EFNEP programs.

State/Federal Updates

UI Extension received a grant to oversee school nutrition education programs statewide. Education will be directed toward food service managers. They also received funding for INEP.

With the budget at a standstill, RACES expects approximately 4-6 weeks left of operation. They plan to keep the hotline running either way.

Positive Youth Development (PYD)

CUPHD received an additional teen pregnancy/STD prevention grant this year (TPP) which allows expansion of the PYD program into a second school.  PYD programming will continue at JW Eater, and also be offered at a smaller school in the county, potentially Ludlow or Thomasboro.

As part of PYD, UI Extension will facilitate the Illinois Food Challenge at JW Eater.

We discussed RACES’ Rad Kids program and how it may tie in to PYD.

PREP (Personal Responsibility Education Program) Grant

CUPHD received the PREP grant again this year, which will fund comprehensive sex education programs at Franklin Middle School, JW Eater Jr High School, READY School, and Pathways.



TPP (Teen Pregnancy Prevention) Grant

The addition of this grant at CUPHD will fund sex education programs at additional schools in Champaign County that do not qualify under PREP. This includes Ludlow, Thomasboro and Heritage. There is the potential to reach Vermilion County schools as well.

We discussed Lincoln’s Challenge Academy’s interest in receiving sex education programming and will reach out to them.

Next meeting: TBD


March 2nd, 2015



Jennifer Jackson, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Talia Oakley, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Deb Fruitt, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Nikki Hillier, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Chris Bruns, The Pavilion

Sophie Hoffman, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Liz Badskey, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Maggie Nordsiek, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Sharis Sienkowski, J. W. Eater Junior High School

Jamie Hines, Planned Parenthood


Agency/School Updates:

-The C-UPHD Family Planning clinic in Rantoul is going very well. 

-Talia reported that she has completed Q3 at Franklin Middle School.

-Jennifer reported that she is in the middle of Q3 at Eater.  There was an opt-out form sent home by administration this quarter.  We hope to have opt-out forms and the exit survey consent forms in the registration packets at the schools this summer.

-Jennifer reported that she is in the middle of facilitating classes at The Pavilion.

-Jamie reported that she has been training TAG students since the beginning of the school year.


State/Federal Updates:

-PREP is funded for at least one more year, possibly two.  We are asking for an exception to the grant to include some schools that don’t meet the criteria.  The schools are Rantoul High School, Ludlow, Jefferson, and Edison.

-The Office of Women’s Health at IDPH has funding for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention grant.  We are still waiting to hear back from Sarah O’Connor about this opportunity.


Youth CCSE Updates:

-We have a youth committee.  The students are part of the Teen Awareness Group at Planned Parenthood.  They held their first meeting and spent the majority of the time talking about the Teen Resource Guide.  The teens will work with Jamie Hines and Maggie Nordsiek to revamp the guide as their project.


Positive Youth Development:

-U of I Extension is heading up The Real Me after school program at J. W. Eater.  There are 19 students enrolled in the program.  It is a media campaign.  The program is scheduled to run through the first week of April.  They are meeting once per week on Wednesdays after school.  So far, the students have had a very positive response to this program.


Next meeting date: To be determined.

December 15th, 2014



Jennifer Jackson, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Talia Oakley, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Deb Fruitt, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Nikki Hillier, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Chris Bruns, The Pavilion

Jaya Kolisetty, RACES


Agency/School Updates:

-CUPHD reported that the Family Planning clinic is up and running in Rantoul and will be open one day per week.

-Jennifer reported that she has completed one cohort of Making Proud Choices! at READY school.  She has also completed 2 cohorts of Making Proud Choices! and 4 cohorts of Be Proud! Be Responsible! at J W Eater.  She will be scheduling quarter 3 with J W Eater soon and will schedule with Thompson Learning Academy. 

-Talia reported that she has completed 8 cohorts of Making Proud Choices! at Franklin Middle School.  She will be scheduling quarter 3 soon.

-Chris reported that she is busy and there are no open beds in the addiction program for adults at The Pavilion.

-Jaya reported that RACES provides CAPE (Child Assault Prevention Education) to students in Ford, Douglass, Champaign, and Piatt Counties.  The students are anywhere from Pre-K through 5th grade and receive 4 lessons per year of age appropriate sexual abuse education.  The middle and high school students must receive comprehensive sex education along with dating violence education.  They also joined with RISKWATCH in Champaign-Urbana to educate about body safety.


State/Federal Updates:

-Jaya reported that the new congress is proposing a bill that gives monetary rewards/funding if they teach abstinence only.

Recruitment for Coalition:

-We are still in need of a parent to sit on the coalition.

-Jennifer will contact Jamie Hines about having the TAG students become a youth component of CCSE.


Positive Youth Development:

-C-UPHD and Extension are working out details to start an after-school program at JW Eater Middle School in Rantoul in February.


Next meeting date: Monday, March 2, 2015 at JW Eater Junior High School, Rantoul in the media center at 3:30 pm.


September 15th, 2014


Nikki Hillier – C-UPHD

Talia Oakley – C-UPHD

Deb Fruitt – C-UPHD

Jennifer Jackson – C-UPHD

Sharis Sienkowski – J. W. Eater Junior High School

Tyler Fawbush – J. W. Eater Junior High School

Kim Savely – Franklin Middle School


Agency/School Updates:

-J. W. Eater:  The health classes are in quarters 1, 2, and 3.  There are no 4th quarter health classes this year.  Jennifer will work with the 7th and 8th grade health teachers to schedule lessons each quarter.  7th grade will receive the Making Proud Choices! curriculum and 8th grade will receive the Be Proud! Be Responsible! curriculum this year.


-C-UPHD:  Haven’t gotten Title 10 approval to start the Family Planning Clinic in Rantoul.  Deb will follow up with Candi.



-We need to recruit some members for the coalition from these sectors:



-Tyler and Kim reported that they will be on the lookout for any students they feel would be a good fit for the coalition.

-Deb will talk to Teresa Turner about recruitment in the faith-based community.



Positive Youth Development:

-Jennifer and Talia are working with U of I Extension to conduct a 6 week after-school program at J. W. Eater.  There are no set dates yet.  The after-school program will be in conjunction with PREP.


Next meeting date and time:

Monday, December 15, 2015 at 3:30 pm at Champaign-Urbana Public Health District, 201 W. Kenyon Road, Champaign.

March 31, 2014

Meeting minutes for CCSE - March 2014


  • Nikki Hillier, C-UPHD
  • Jennifer Jackson, C-UPHD
  • Tara McCauley, C-UPHD
  • Deb Fruitt, C-UPHD
  • Angela Lopez, C-UPHD
  • Sharis Sienkowski, J W Eater Junior High School

Agency/School Updates:

  • Nikki reported that C-UPHD had a HIPAA training that highlighted changes in 2013 and clarifications on how records are released.
  • Jennifer had a site review at J W Eater with Carletta James from DHS and the feedback was all positive.
  • Deb reported that there will be family planning services in Rantoul at some point but did not have details of a timeline yet.
  • Sharis reported that there will be some administrative and teaching staff changes at Eater for the 2014-15 school year. This may impact how C-UPHD will be able to schedule with the health classes. Jennifer and Deb will request a meeting with Mr. Penicook and Mrs. Ramage to speak with them about changes.

State/Federal Updates:

  • None reported.

Advocacy Day:

  • Eighteen students and 6 adults are scheduled to attend Advocacy Day in Springfield. Jake and Jennifer met with the core group of students who are affiliated with the coalition and went over details of what to expect for Advocacy Day. The topics for the day are nutrition and minimum wage laws.

CCSE budget/promotional items:

  • The coalition would like to use PREP funds to purchase promotional items with the CCSE logo on them to take to health fairs or classes such as: bookmarks, pens, t-shirts, Frisbees, stickers, magnets, etc. Jennifer and Nikki will research and purchase items.

January 27, 2014

Meeting minutes for CCSE - January 2014


  • Jake Elliott, J W Eater Junior High School
  • Adrienne Spires, CU-RACES
  • Deb Fruitt, C-UPHD
  • Nikki Hillier, C-UPHD
  • Chris Bruns, The Pavilion
  • Jennifer Jackson, C-UPHD
  • Angela Lopez, C-UPHD
  • Patricia Zavos, C-UPHD

Agency/School Updates:

  • Jennifer reported that she has started Making Proud Choices quarter 3 with Ms. Sienkowski in the health classes at Eater.
  • Jennifer reported that she will start Making Proud Choices at READY school March 31.
  • Chris reported that there is a dual diagnosis unit at the Pavilion for mental illness & substance abuse (MISA) and it has been full since opening last fall.
  • Jake reported that administration at Eater was voting to either take PARC or ISAT tests.

State/Federal Updates:

  • Adrienne reported that CU-RACES will have a volunteer training starting in the near future to help with crisis hotline, advocacy and education.

Recruitment of members:

  • We need to find out who has replaced Corbin at Planned Parenthood.
  • Jennifer will contact a health teacher at Rantoul High School.
  • Jake will recruit a student from Eater to attend the next coalition meeting.
  • Jennifer invited Rachael Simmons from READY to this meeting and will invite her to the next meeting.

Advocacy Day:

  • Advocacy is on April 1 this year at the Capitol in Springfield. The topics will include access to healthy foods and possibly maintaining funding for school health centers.
  • We are to report tentative #’s by February 28 and final #’s by March 11.
  • Permission forms are due March 25.
  • We are to arrive at the Lincoln Library by 10:00 am and will receive lunch and trainings until noon.
  • There will be legislative visits from 12:00 – 2:30.
  • The day will conclude with a rally from 2:00 – 3:00.
  • The Eater health teachers will recruit students to attend Advocacy Day.
  • Jennifer and Jake will conduct a training with the students prior to that day.
  • Jennifer will recruit adult volunteers.

Mission Statement:

  • The new mission statement is as follows: Providing sex health education programs for the youth of today to promote a healthier tomorrow.

Next meeting date: Monday, March 31, 2014 from 3:30 – 4:30 pm at the library at J W Eater Junior High School, Rantoul, IL.

November 18, 2013

Meeting minutes for CCSE - November 2013


  • Jake Elliott, J W Eater Junior High School
  • Teresa Turner, Urbana School Health Center and Parent


  • Deb Fruitt, C-UPHD
  • Talia Oakley, C-UPHD
  • Whitney Hayes, C-UPHD
  • Jennifer Jackson, C-UPHD

Agency/School Updates:

  • Jennifer reported that she and Talia have started Making Proud Choices quarter 2 with Mr. Thornton in the health classes at Eater.
  • Teresa reported at Urbana Middle School they are testing for STI’s and passing out condoms. She is meeting with the health committee for the high school regarding what they are currently teaching about reproductive health and nutrition.
  • Corbin sent a message via e-mail that the Teen Awareness Group has taught at Central, Centennial, and Urbana High Schools. Topics included abstinence, teen pregnancy prevention, birth control, STD prevention and LGBTQ 101. They are in correspondence with Jefferson Middle School to try and start providing sex ed for 6-8 graders.

State/Federal Updates:

  • None reported.

Resource Guide:

  • Nikki Hillier reported that she has students who are making some improvements and updating the guide this year.

Coalition recruitment:

  • The coalition discussed in more detail about recruitment. Possible recruits: student(s) and parent(s) at Eater, health teachers at RTHS. Also would be good to have a boy and a girl to serve as student liaisons. Jake will be in contact with Whitney about recruitment.
  • he coalition also decided to hold monthly meetings starting in January.

Mission Statement:

  • The new mission statement is as follows: Providing sexual health education programs for the youth of today to promote a healthier tomorrow.

Next meeting date: Monday, January 27, 2014 at Champaign-Urbana Public Health District, 201 W. Kenyon Road, Chamapaign.