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Comprehensive Sex Ed Curriculum

Comprehensive sex ed ensures that students receive age-appropriate, evidence-based, medically-accurate information about sexual health. Students are given the resources and facts they need to protect themselves and make responsible decisions. We recommend evidence-based curriculum because it has been scientifically validated for effectiveness.

Other Resources

Comprehensive Sex Ed Classes

C-UPHD teaches comprehensive sex ed curriculum in eligible Champaign County schools through our PREP grant. The Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) aims to reduce teen pregnancies and their negative consequences, as well as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and associated risk behaviors.

PREP programs are:

  1. evidence-based, 
  2. provide education on both abstinence and contraceptive use, and
  3. educate youth on at least three of six adulthood preparation topics.

PREP is targeted toward high-risk populations, such as youth residing in geographic areas with high teen birth rates, adjudicated youth, youth in foster care, minority youth, and pregnant or parenting teens. (Source:

If your school is interested in having a C-UPHD health educator teach sex ed curriculum, please contact us at 531-2912.

Teen Awareness Group (TAG)

  • Planned Parenthood’s Teen Awareness Group (TAG) is a prevention-focused peer education program for high school students that provides training to teens to lead workshops in schools and throughout the community. TAG volunteers educate other teens, parents and community members about making healthy decisions about sex.
  • The sex education and training that TAG provides is comprehensive, age appropriate, and medically accurate. This "youth" to "youth" education gives TAG members the ability to end ignorance, promote tolerance, and improve communication between teens and the important people in their lives.

C-UPHD Family Planning Presentations

  • C-UPHD Family Planning staff can lead presentations on subjects such as: HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Birth Control Options, and Intimate Partner Violence/ Healthy Relationships. Contact us at 217-352-7961 if you are interested in arranging a presentation.

Planned Parenthood Clinic

Services Offered:

  • Abortion Services
  • Birth Control
  • HIV Testing
  • Men's Health Care
  • Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception)
  • Pregnancy Testing & Services
  • STD Testing, Treatment & Vaccines
  • Women's Health Care

Tools for Educators - Planned Parenthood

Sex education can be a challenging subject for students and teachers alike. Planned Parenthood’s tools and resources help you give your students the tools they need to make smart, healthy decisions.

Presentation: The Role of Comprehensive Sex Education in Preventing Sexually Offensive Behaviors